Production of Bioflavour from Microbial Sources and its health benefits

Roy, Priyanka ; Kumar, Vijay


Aroma and flavour are the important part of food that increase the organoleptic properties of a food and makes the food more acceptable among consumers. Flavour and aromatic compounds are the most essential components in food, feed, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, and toiletries products. Commercial production of flavour and aroma compounds from the microbial source in the industry is a modern approach but the concept behind it is in human practices since time immemorial. However, the health-promoting benefits of microbial bioprocesses products are numerous ranging, from antibiotics to fermented functional foods are among the most appreciable one. This review includes the verity of flavour production from various types of microorganisms and its application in the food industry, and a brief discussion about its health benefits among the consumers.


Bioflavour; Bacillus lichiniformis; Citronella; Geotrichum fragans; Geraniol; Methyl salicylate; Nootkatone

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