Production of medium chain fatty acid rich single cell oil using whole de-oiled mustard meal from soil fungus

Dutta, Ruma ; Maity, Manisha ; Bhowal, Jayati


Screening of fungal strain was done from soil collected from the rice bran oil industry to search for important fatty acids with health beneficial effects. This study investigates the exceptional production of microbial oil medium-chain fatty acids like caproic acid (6:0), caprylic acid (8:0), capric acid (10:0), by the cultivated fungal culture in a media containing whole mustard meal as a supplement. This paper presents the result on the production of oil with such type of fatty acid composition which makes the oil more stable during cooking and gives fewer calories after consumption which is beneficial for health.


Behenic acid; Long chain fatty acids; Low-calorie oil; Meal supplementation; Oleaginous fungi

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