Impact of electroplating industry effluent on the electrophoretic protein pattern of serum in the freshwater fish Cyprinus carpio

Borgia, VJ Florence ; Thatheyus, AJ ; Murugesan, AG


The investigation on electrophoretic protein fractions of serum was carried out on the freshwater fish, Cyprinus carpio to determine the sublethal toxic effects of electroplating industrial effluent (EIE) using SDS-PAGE. Fish were exposed to 0.004, 0.007, 0.010 and 0.013% of effluent as well as control for twenty eight days. The results revealed the appearance or disappearance of protein fractions in the serum of C. carpio compared to control fish after seven, fourteen, twenty one and twenty eight days due to stress caused by metals in the effluent. Thus protein electrophoresis can be a sensitive tool for biomonitoring aquatic pollution.


Biomonitoring; Cyprinus carpio; Electroplating Industrial Effluent; Serum proteins

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