Evaluation of oxidative stress biomarkers and inflammation in pathogenesis of diabetes and diabetic nephropathy

Mistry, Kinnari N ; Dabhi, Brijesh K ; Joshi, Bhoomi B


This study aims to increase understanding of the association of oxidative stress and inflammation with type-2 diabetes and diabetic nephropathy to provide a basis for investigating improved diagnostic possibilities, treatment and prevention of disease. Blood samples were collected from 498 West Indian individuals aged 42–72 years. Differences in the level of oxidative stress markers (MDA, GSH, SOD and CAT) and inflammation (TNF-α and IL1-α) was determined in patients (type 2 diabetic and diabetic nephropathy) and control participants. A significant decrease of SOD, GSH and significant increase of MDA and CAT activity were seen in patients with nephropathy compared to DM patients as well as controls. Significantly higher level of expression of TNF-α and IL1-α (P< 0.05) was observed in DM and DN patients as compared to controls. Oxidative stress and inflammation are triggered in patients of type 2 diabetes and diabetic nephropathy due to hyperglycemia.


Albuminuria; Diabetic nephropathy; Inflammation; Oxidative stress

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