Hierarchical gold nanostructures based sensor for sensitive and fast detection of cancer biomarker

Mehta, Samriddhi ; Bakshi, Shrishty ; Choudhury, Sangeeta ; Bose, Sudeep ; Nayak, Ranu


Importance of precision diagnostics in healthcare has been ignited by the idea that early detection of cancer would immensely benefit patients in terms of more effective and timely treatment modality. Clinical samples in the form of biopsy specimen/serum/urine/saliva contains an ocean of diagnostic information to generate conclusive information for more precise and evidence-based options to manage cancer. However, to achieve this, there is a need detect biomarkers, that can provide significantly increased diagnostic accuracy. Nanobiosensors have undoubtedly boomed to claim ultrasensitive detection of DNA cancer biomarkers in attomolar and femtomolar range. However, ultrasensitive and accurate detection of protein biomarker is rare. This work describes fabrication of a hierarchical gold nano-biosensor (HAu) for ultra-sensitive detection of cancer protein biomarkers in pg/mL range. Unique chemical modification during electrochemical synthesis has rendered highly uniformed and dense nanostructures of gold on a solid platform. Factors affecting homogeneity and sensitivity of the sensing platform have been optimized in detail. Voltammetric sensing based on antibody-antigen interaction on the given sensing platform has demonstrated a wide linear range of detection for EGFR varying from 10 pg/mL to 1 ng/mL concentration.


Electrochemical detection; Gold nanostructure; Immunosensor; Protein marker

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