Pharmacological evaluation for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory potential of polymeric microparticles

Singh, Ritika ; Prasad, Jhakeshwar ; Satapathy, Trilochan ; Jain, Parag ; Singh, Shalini


The objective of the study was to evaluate anti-bacterial and anti-Inflammatory activities of polymeric microparticles. In vitro antibacterial activity was performed for prepared microparticles followed by in vivo anti-inflammatory activity on rats. From the present study, it was observed that the microparticles developed were appropriate in their shape and uniform size. The topography of SEM studies revealed that, the microparticles were smooth-surfaced. The result of antibacterial activity indicated that the formulation has not exhibited any zone of inhibition against the various strains of bacteria used for this study. The result of anti-inflammatory activity (Dextran induced paw edema) exhibits that, the formulations possess the inhibitory potential for various inflammatory mediators thereby reduces the inflammation in paws. From the results, it can be concluded that Acacia arabica microparticles is showing significant Anti-inflammatory activity after 6 h than conventional dosage form.


Acacia arabica; Dextran; Ethyl cellulose; Microparticle; Paw edema

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