Development of molybdenum disulphide reinforced alginic acid composites

Sreekumar, Kalyani ; Bindhu, B


Alginates from brown algae are biopolymers, recently being used in various fields such as medical implants, food packaging, etc. The non toxicity, biodegradability, and biocompatibility of these alginates makes them an excellent candidate that be exploited to meet different applications. Through this paper, we are incorporating monolayer of molybdenum disulphide into the matrix of alginic acid from brown algae in the presence of a plasticizer to form film composites with enhanced properties. The casted films were flexible and smooth. The impact of filler loading in crystalline nature and mechanical strength of the composites are also studied. Differential scanning calorimetry was utilized to study the effect of MoS2 on the thermal properties of the composites. It was seen that both the mechanical and thermal properties of the prepared film were enhanced with the incorporation of an optimal filler concentration.


Alginates; Biopolymers; Crystallinity; MoS2; Tensile strength

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