Quantitative analysis of international collaboration on COVID-19: Indian perspective

Pathak, Manohar


This paper analyses COVID-19 research papers in international collaboration by Indian researchers indexed in the web of Science core collection database through co-authorship. Indian researchers have published 290 publications out of which 128 (44.14%) were in international collaboration. The papers in international collaboration have received 63.19% of total citations as compared to 36.80% received by non-international collaborative papers. The impact of publication in international collaboration is 2.56 while non-international collaborative papers have 1.15 citations per publication. Dr D Y Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune is the most productive organization whereas Hainan Medical University China is the most preferred collaboration organizations. Among the countries, Peoples Republic of China is the most preferred country for collaboration followed by USA, Thailand and England.


COVID-19; International Collaboration; Research evaluation; Scientometric

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