Biochemical variability of eggplant peel among Indian cultivars

Yadav, Vinod Kumar ; Singh, R ; Jha, Radha Krishana ; Kaushik, Prashant


The vegetable production comes with a considerable amount of putrescible biowastes. Nowadays, biowaste production and its underutilizationis perceived as the primary concerns, due to the economic and environmental expenses associated with its disposal. Eggplant peel is discarded sometimes as a biowaste that leads to the substantial losses of organic substances which often have very high levels of crucial bioactive compounds. Here, we determined the biochemical composition of the eggplant peel of the important Indian eggplant cultivars. A high percentage of dry matter content, as well as high fruit phenolics, were determined in the eggplant peel. Interestingly a robust negative correlation was determined between the peel chlorogenic acid content and ascorbic acid content. Overall, this study highlights the biochemical composition of eggplant peel and this information can be targeted on the potential usage of eggplant peel as a natural component for industrial product formulation.


Chlorogenic acid; Eggplant; Fruit; Indian cultivars; Peel; Phenolics; Phemol acids

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