Anti pathogenic studies of new mixed ligand metal chelates

Sanivarapu, AK ; Babu, BK ; Anil Kumar, B ; Mohana Rao, K ; Ravichandra, G ; Swarnalatha, B


Drug discovery aimed at the methodical extermination of life-threatening bacterial infection, especially considering the emergence of multi-drug resistance of pathogenic bacteria has remained a challenge for medicinal inorganic chemistry. In this article, the mixed ligand complexes of Cu (II), Co (II), and Ni (II) containing heterocyclic ligands were synthesized and characterized by IR, LC-MS, UV, and TG-DTA. Complexes are screened for Anti-microbial activity against human pathogenic bacteria.


Heterocyclic ligands and anti-microbial activity; Life-threatening bacterial infection; Mixed ligand complexes; Multi-drug resistance; Pathogenic bacteria

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