Efficient solid base derived from eggshell for heterogeneous biodiesel production

Li, Zhaoyi ; Zhang, Zhifang ; Lian, Yubo ; Zhao, Yifei ; Zhang, Jie ; Qu, Chengtun ; Tang, Ying


In this work, eggshell waste was investigated in a triglyceride transesterification with a view to determine its pretreatment and viability as a solid base for the biodiesel production, which can reduce the cost of biodiesel to make it competitive with petroleum diesel. Eggshell waste was treated with acid and the produced powder was calcined before the use of solid base catalyst. The physical properties of the catalyst were characterized using the Fourier Transform-infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy, CO2-Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD), X-ray Diffraction (XRD), and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), and the biodiesel conversion was determined by the Gas Chromatography (GC). It was found that the acid type used in pretreatment has a great effect on the catalytic performance of obtained CaO, and 5 wt% CaO derived from HCl treated eggshell waste is superior to the commercial CaO. The maximum percentage yield of biodiesel by using derived CaO is 99.2% under optimum conditions of 10:1 methanol to oil ratio after 4 h at 65C, while for commercial CaO, 74.9% yield of biodiesel with 10:1 methanol to oil ratio after 4 h.


Biodiesel; CaO catalyst; Eggshell waste; Pretreatment; Transesterification

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