Ginseng used for bone tissue scaffold

Paul, Samrat ; Choudhury, Mahima ; Sen, Sohini ; Basak, Piyali


The scaffold based tissue engineering materialized for bone tissue therapy. Gelatin-glutaraldehyde cross linked scaffold was prepared by solvent casting -porogen leaching method. It was characterized by FTIR and SEM microphotograph analysis. Absence of peak at waves no. 1625 cm−1 in ATR-FTIR indicated formation of cross-linking. FE-SEM micrograph showed honeycomb pad like structure with high porosity. Methanolic extract of Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) root extract induced MC3T3 E1 osteoblast cell adhesion and proliferation on porous gelatin scaffold. GC-MS analysis pointed out presence of 4-amino- 2-ethyl-3-methylquinoline, an active phyto-chemicals having tissue regeneration potential. High anti-oxidant capacity down regulates cell death mechanism by scavenging free radical. The biocompatible gelatin scaffold has RGD moiety that attune the MC3T3 E1 osteoblast cell adhesion. Withania somnifera root extract may boost up cell proliferation on scaffold. Therefore treatment with Withania somnifera root extract may be the new approaches for designing bone tissue scaffold for bone tissue therapy.


Ginseng scaffold; Honeycomb scaffold; MC3T3 E1 cell; Regenarative therapy

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