Green synthesis and characterization of iron oxide nanoparticles using Coriandrum sativum L. leaf extract

Singh, Kuldeep ; Sethi Chopra, Dimple ; Singh, Dhandeep ; Singh, Nirmal


Green nanoparticle synthesis is a promising, eco-friendly and safe approach. In the current study, Iron oxide nanoparticles (FeONPs) were synthesized using aqueous leaf extract of Coriandrum sativum L. Further, the characterization of synthesized FeONPs was performed using ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), dynamic light scattering (DLS), vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) and differential scanning colorimetry (DSC). The surface plasmon resonance effect confirmed the synthesis of FeONPs. Dynamic light scattering (DLS) revealed mean particle size of FeONPs around 163.5 and polydispersity index 0.091 with a zeta potential of −13.8 mV. Differential scanning colorimetry (DSC) exhibited an endothermic peak at 176.91°C. Vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) analysis showed superparamagnetic properties of iron nanoparticles with a magnetization value of 3.483 emu/g and the results indicated superparamagnetic behavior of prepared iron nanoparticles at room temperature, thus highlighting their potential as magnetically targeted drug delivery system. This biosynthetic method has been proven to be cost-effective, environment friendly and promising for use in biomedical sciences.


Coriandrum sativum L.; Iron Oxide nanoparticle; Superparamagnetic

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