Nanoinformatics - A newly introduced tool for research

Gulyani Checker, Vibha ; Sharma, Bhavana ; Kathpalia, Renu


Research in the field of nanotechnology has witnessed rapid increase in the synthesis of Engineered nanoparticles (ENPs). This has even led to development of new discipline of Nanotoxicology. Advances in the field of Nanotoxicology further led to development of new domain-nanoinformatics. This new domain of nanoinformatics provides a computational perspective to biology and nanotechnology addressing multi level integration. Nanoinformatics not only helps in predicting nanoparticle structure, composition and behaviour but also covers raw data management, analysis of data derived from biomedical applications and simulation of nanoparticle interactions with biological systems. In addition, it accelerates nano-related research and applications into clinical practice. There are various computational models developed to study the key steps in nano-medicine like drug encapsulation and release, nanoparticle targeting, delivery and uptake and nanoparticle effects on cells and tissues. These prospects have opened up a large domain enabling possibilities of nanomedicine and frontiers for clinical practice and biomedical research in a cost-effective manner along with various applications including studies in clinical trials, toxicity assays, drug delivery systems. This review highlights new approaches for Engineered nanoparticles (ENP) risk assessment and regulation.


Computational methods; Drug delivery system; Engineered nanoparticles (ENP); Nanoinformatics; Nanotoxicology; Risk assessment

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