Exploiting the potential of bio-synthesized silver nanoparticles to enhance the shelf life of Gladiolus

Yamal, Gupta ; Biswas, Largee ; Kathpalia, Renu


Gladiolus spikes with fully turgid petals need to have a longer shelf life to fetch a higher price as well as display value. To improve the life duration of ornamental flowers, the ability of plants to produce silver nanoparticles (AgNP) was exploited. The ability of plants to produce AgNP when treated with silver nitrate solutions was juxtaposed by using Gladiolus (cut flowers): (i) To find the appropriate concentration of AgNO3 suitable for increasing shelf-life of Gladiolus cut flowers; (ii) To prepare silver nanoparticle from AgNO3; and (iii) To confirm the formation of silver nanoparticle using UV-vis spectrophotometry. Two different reductants (dehydrogenases present at the surface of the plant cells and sucrose) demonstrated the reduction of Ag+ to generate AgNPs. DLS (Dynamic Light Scattering) study revealed the presence of NPs in the AgNO3 salt solution incubated with Gladiolus cut flowers. The DLS data also suggested that the size of AgNPs decreased with increasing concentration of AgNO3. In the present study, along with silver nitrate, sucrose was also used. The shelf life and display value of the cut Gladiolus can be increased and optimized by incubating it in sucrose solution in combination with AgNO3.


Gladiolus; Green synthesis; Shelf life; Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs); Sucrose

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