Phytonanotechnology: Recent applications and the role of Biocorona

Prakash, Satya ; Rani Rajpal, Vijay ; Deswal, Renu


Phytonanotechnology is lately gaining increased interest owing to its potential to modernize agriculture for better yield and nutritional quality. Consequently, Nano-Agri products like nano-biosensors, nano-carriers, and growth augmenters are being developed and applied. However, the limited knowledge of molecular interactions taking place at nano-bio interface remains a major concern. The nanotechnological interventions for healthier crops could rather turn out tobe risky and inefficient in the absence ofclear understanding of molecular mechanisms of nano-bio interactions. Upon entry into tissues or cells, nanoparticles (NPs) adsorb biomolecules forming a biocorona which determines NP uptake, translocation, and reactivity. The composition of biocorona is dependent on the physicochemical characteristics of the NPs, their surroundings, and the interaction time. Recent nascent studies in plants showed the potential of biocorona to influence major cellular pathways or plant responses like energy synthesis, pathogenesis, stress tolerance, and leaf senescence. This mini-review aims at summarizing the recent application of phytonanotechnology, the current status of biocorona studies with an overview of research bottlenecks and future prospects.


Agriculture; Biocorona; Nano-bio interaction; Phytonanotechnology

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