In silico interaction of Berberine with some immunomodulatory targets: A docking analysis

Ganeshpurkar, Aditya ; Chaturvedi, Aman ; Shrivastava, Abhishek ; Dubey, Nazneen ; Jain, Swati ; Saxena, Nischal ; Gupta, Pratik ; Mujariya, Rajesh


Plant, mineral, and animal products have been utilized as medications from the beginning of time to cure a variety of ailments. Use of medicinal herbs to modulate immune function has a rich history. Natural products serve as the foundation for contemporary pharmaceutical ingredients. Immunomodulation alters an individual's immune system by interfering with its normal processes. Immunomodulators derived from natural sources have been extensively studied in order to modify the immune system and prevent illness. Berberine is an alkaloid has been identified for its anti-inflammatory properties. In animal studies, Berberine was found to demonstrate analgesic properties. The current work is aimed to explore the in silico interactions of Berberine with various chemokines and inflammatory pathways. Berberine was docked with TNF-α, IL-1β, IL-6, and NOs in this investigation. Docking study demonstrated notable interactions with these targets. The present research provides insight into the development of new compounds for immunomodulation and the management of inflammatory illnesses. More research on Berberine and related flavonoids is necessary to assess its safety. As a result, Berberine can be regarded as a candidate for the advancement of an immunomodulatory agent.


Berberine; Cytokines; Immunomodulatory; Inflammation; Nitric oxide

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