Total serum cholesterol level in patients with major depressive disorder: Simple yet undermined

TK, Madhura ; Farheen, Fatima ; Pandurangi, Aditya ; Jaalam, Kamaruddin ; M, Mahesh


Human brain cholesterol acts as structural components of cellular membrane, synapse and dendrite formation.Researchers have found a possible association between low serum cholesterol levels and mood disorders though the literature from India in this regard is limited. To estimate serum levels of total cholesterol in patients with major depressive disorder. 75 patients of MDD were compared with equal number of age and sex matched controls. 5 ml of fasting sample of blood was obtained in a plain vacutainer to analyse total cholesterol level by Cholesterol oxidase-peroxidase method. Statistical analysis: The obtained results were tabulated and analyzed by multiple logistic regression analysis, independent t-test, Chi-square test and area under the curve. The mean level of cholesterol in cases (158.85±61.22 mg/dL) which was significantly lower compared to the controls (182.71±40.98 mg/dL) with P <0.01. The symptoms of MDD negatively correlated with lower serum cholesterol level with odds ratio of 0.99. There was statistically significant lower level of cholesterol in the MDD group below 140 mg/dL compared to the control group with P <0.001. As the measurement of total serum cholesterol is simple and cost effective, it can be used as an important biochemical marker for MDD.


Anti-depressants; Major depressive disorder (MDD); Neuro-inflammation; Serotonin; Serum cholesterol level; Synapse

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