Molecular docking and cytotoxicity interactions of naringenin and its nano-structured lipid carriers in ERα positive breast cancer

S, Priyadharshini ; Krishna Swaroop, Akey ; S, Jubie ; N, Jawahar ; Divecha, Vrajesh


Phytoestrogens are known to have beneficial properties in various carcinomas. They exhibit its efficacy at cellular levels. Naringenin a flavonoidal phytoestrogen is been explored for its antioxidant, cardio protective and cytotoxic function. The low absorbtion and poor bioavailability of naringenin makes it less efficient in targeting tumours at cellular levels. Due to the structural similarity of naringenin with estradiol and considering the affinity of naringenin with estrogen receptor, this study explores the interactions of naringenin on important signaling proteins involved in ER positive breast cancer through molecular docking studies and the prepared naringenin solid lipid nano particles were characterized and studied for its preventive potential against breast cancer cell lines. The lipidoid form of phytoestrogen shows promising cytotoxic potential compared with naringenin.


Angiogenesis; Cytotoxicity; Ligand; Mannitol; Metastasis; Phytoestrogens; Surfactant

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