Improved photocatalytic performance of (ZnO/TiO2)-β-CD on decolorization of brilliant green dye under UV light irradiation

VELUSAMY, P ; Lakshmi, G.


The photocatalytic activity of modified semiconductor nanocomposite (ZnO/TiO2)-β-CD system, for decolorization of brilliant green dye has been studied under UV light (λmax= 365 nm) irradiation and results are compared with the activities of (ZnO/TiO2), bare ZnO and bare TiO2. The nanocomposite has been characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, UV-vis diffuse reflectance spectroscopy. UV–visible analysis has also been used to confirm the complexation pattern between β-CD and the dye. Various experimental parameters like ZnO:TiO2 ratio, initial concentration of dye, irradiation time and pH have been investigated. Kinetic results show that the decolorization reaction follows pseudo-first order kinetics. The mineralization of brilliant green has been confirmed by chemical oxygen demand measurements. A suitable reaction mechanism for decolorization of the dye by (ZnO/TiO2)-β-CD has also been proposed. The present results show that (ZnO/TiO2)-β-CD system is an efficient and low cost modified photocatalyst for the treatment of waste water from textile industries.


Photocatalysts, Zirconia, Titania, Cyclodextrin, β-Cyclodextrin, Semiconductors, Nanocomposites, Dye decolorization, Brilliant green, UV light

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