Simultaneous determination of lead and copper by anodic stripping voltammetry using a poly(L-glutamic acid) modified electrode

Xie, Ning ; Ma, Wei ; Gao, Hui ; Sun, Dengming


A new anodic stripping voltmmetric method using a poly(L-glutamic acid) modified electrode has been developed for the separation and simultaneous determination of trace amounts of lead(II)and copper(II). The striping peak currents are well proportional to the concentration of lead and copper over the range of 5.00×10-8–1.00×10-4 mol L-1, with detection limits of 5.0×10-9 mol L-1 and 1.0×10-8mol L-1, respectively. The method has been successfully applied to the analysis of Pb2+ and Cu2+ in the waste water samples with good precision and accuracy.


Electroanalysis, Anodic stripping voltmmetry, L-Glutamic acid, Modified electrodes, Lead, Copper

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