Surfactant assisted synthesis of cobalt doped titania nanomaterial: Characterization and its applications in photocatalysis and anti-bacterial activity

Tirukkovalluri, Siva Rao; Chekuri, Radha Devi


The synthesis of 0.5 wt. % cobalt doped titania nanomaterial (Co2+-TiO2) assisted by sodium dodecyl sulfate anionic surfactant by sol-gel method is reported. The synthesized catalysts are characterized by XRD, UV-vis DRS, FT-IR, BET, TEM, SEM and XPS analysis. XRD results show that all the catalysts are in anatase phase. UV-vis DRS studies indicate that decrease in band gap of TiO2 is due to doping of Co2+. FT-IR studies indicate the insertion of Co2+ into TiO2 lattice as a substitutional dopant. BET analysis shows an increase in surface area of the catalyst. From SEM and TEM analysis, change in the morphology of the particles with reduced particle size is observed. XPS studies confirm the presence of Co2+ along with Ti and O. The photocatalytic efficiency of the catalyst has been evaluated by degradation of methyl red under visible light irradiation at various reaction parameters. The antibacterial activity of the catalyst against Escherichia coli has also been investigated.


Cobalt doped titania, Titania, Nanomaterials, Surfactants, Dye degradation, Sol-gel method, Antibacterial activity, Methyl red

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