On the syntheses and structures of two calcium coordination polymers containing terminal amide ligands

Srinivasan, Bikshandarkoil R; Dhavskar, Kiran T


The syntheses and crystal structure of the calcium coordination polymers [Ca(NMF)2(4-nba)2] 1 (4-nba = 4-nitrobenzoate; NMF=N-methylformamide) and [Ca(BA)2(4-nba)2] 2 (BA= benzamide) is reported. A unique μ2-h1: h1 bridging bidentate 4-nba ligand links the hexacoordinated Ca(II) ions situated on a special position in both compounds into a one-dimensional (1-D) chain with Ca···Ca separations of 5.561 and 5.482 respectively. Each Ca(II) in the chain is bonded to a pair of symmetry related terminal amide ligands (NMF in 1; BA in 2) which are disposed trans to each other. A comparative study of several 4-nitrobenzoates of calcium is described.


Coordination chemistry, Coordination polymers, Calcium, 4-Nitrobenzoate, Methylformamide, Benzamide

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