Synthesis, structure and properties of a hexarubidium heptamolybdate with bridging aqua ligands

Srinivasan, Bikshandarkoil R; Morajkar, Sudesh M; Khandolkar, Savita S; Näther, Christian ; Bensch, Wolfgang


The synthesis, single crystal structure, spectral, thermal and electrical properties of a hexarubidium heptamolybdate [Rb6(H2O)4(Mo7O24)] 1 is reported. The bridging binding modes of the unique (Mo7O24)6- ion and the four crystallographically independent coordinated water molecules results in coordination numbers ranging from 8 to 10 for the six unique Rb(I) ions in 1. Thermal decomposition of 1 results in the formation of an anhydrous residue of composition 7MoO3·3Rb2O. The cyclic voltammogram of an aqueous solution of 1 exhibits a single redox event characteristic of (Mo7O24)6- anion. Solution conductivity studies reveal the presence of hydrated Rb+ cations and uncoordinated (Mo7O24)6- anions. A comparative study of several alkali-metal heptamolybdates reveals a rich structural chemistry in terms of the binding modes of the (Mo7O24)6- anion.


Coordination chemistry, Rubidium, Molybdenum, Hexarubidium hepta–molybdate, Bridging ligands

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