Synthesis and crystal structures of pyridine-2-carboxaldehyde thiosemicarbazone, its mononuclear and cytotoxic Cu(II)- and polynuclear Pb(II) complexes: Effect of size of metal ion on nucleation of the complexes

Ghosh, Rajarshi ; Ghosh, Ayon Kanti; Yadav, Hare Ram; Choudhury, Angshuman Roy; Duraipandian, N ; Kiran, Manikantan Symala


Synthesis and X-ray structural characterization of pyridine-2-carboxaldehyde thiosemicarbazone (L), and its metal complexes, [Cu(L)(OH2)](ClO4)2 and [Pb(L)(ONO2)2]n are reported. X-ray diffraction reveals that the metal centres in the two complexes are distorted square planar and square pyramid geometries, respectively. Among the three compounds [Cu(L)(OH2)](ClO4)2 is found to be active against human keratinocyte cell line.


Coordination chemistry, Thiosemicarbazones, Copper, Lead, Anticancer activity, X-ray structure

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