Schiff base modified Pt electrode as sensor for detecting Al(III) and Pb(II)


Das, Diganta Kumar; Deka, Kangkana


A platinum electrode with its surface modified with the condensation product of p-phenylenediamine and acetylferrocene (PPDA-AcFc) has been fabricated by cyclic voltammetry. The square wave voltammogram of the modified electrode, PPDA-AcFc/Pt, in aqueous medium gradually shifts by 0.440 V and 0.090 V in the positive direction on interaction with Al3+ and Pb2+ respectively. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy shows the charge transfer resistance value of PPDA-AcFc/Pt electrode increases in the case of Al3+ while it decreases in the case of Pb2+. The linear range of detection is 0-12 mM and 0-6 mM for Al3+ and Pb2+ respectively.


Electrochemistry, Electrodes, Modified electrodes, Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, Voltammetry, Aluminium, Lead


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