Binding interaction of a piperazinylquinoline derivative with β-cyclodextrin and Cd2+ ions

Enoch, Israel


Cd2+ ion sensing by 3-methyl-2-(piper-azin-l-yl)quinoline using fluorescence spectroscopy is reported. The host-guest complex formation of the compound with β-cyclodextrin is studied using UV-visible absorption, fluorescence, and 2-dimensional ROESY spectroscopic methods. The stoichiometry and the mode of binding of the compound with the host molecule are reported. The 1:1 Cd2+ complexation of the compound is effected on encapsulation by β-cyclodextrin.



Analytical chemistry, Host-guest complexation, Chemosensors, Encapsulation, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Cadmium, Piperazinylquinolines, β-Cyclodextrin

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