Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic activity of silicon and sulfur codoped mesoporous titanium dioxide photocatalyst

Shi, Zhongliang ; yao, shuhua ; wang, xu


A series of mesoporous titanium dioxide (MTiO2) photocatalysts codoped with silicon and sulfur has been prepared by a template method using tetraethyl orthosilicate, thiourea and tetrabutyl titanate (Ti(OC4H9)4) as precursors and Pluronic P123 as template. The photoabsorbance of the prepared photocatalysts has been measured by UV-vis diffusive reflectance spectroscopy and its microstructure characterized using scanning electron microscopy, diffraction (XRD) and N2 adsorption-desorption measurements. The microcrystal of the codoped photocatalyst consistest of anatase phase and is present in the form of almost spherical particle. The photocatalytic activity has been studied by photodegradation of methyl blue in aqueous solution under UV and visible light irradiation. The results show that the amount of dopants, silicon and sulfur, influence the photoactivity. The photocatalyst codoped with 1 mol% silicon and 2 mol% sulfur exhibites the highest photoactivity. The synergistic effect of silicon and sulfur codoping in improves the photocatalytic activity considerably.


Photocatalysts activity, Mesoporous materials, Titanium dioxide, Silicon, Sulfur, Codoping, Doped catalyst

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