Effect of γ-radiation on structure, photoluminescence properties and in vitro cytotoxicity of LaPO4:Tb3+,Ce3+ phosphor

Mukkamala, Saratchandra Babu


Lauric acid capped Ce3+ sensitized LaPO4:Tb3+ nanorods have been synthesized by hydrothermal route at 150 °C. The structure, stability and luminescent properties have been examined by TEM, TG/DTA, FT-IR, powder X-ray diffraction and PL spectral data. Cytotoxic activity has been examined by MTT assay. The LaPO4:Tb3+,Ce3+ phosphor exhibits four emission peaks at 485, 551, 583 and 619 nm corresponding to 5D47F6, 5D47F5, 5D47F4 and 5D47F3 transitions, respectively. The influence of γ-radiation on photoluminescence properties of LaPO4:Tb3+,Ce3+ phosphor has also been examined at 5 and 300 kGy. Furthermore, LaPO4 and LaPO4:Tb3+,Ce3+ phosphors exhibit 80–82% cytotoxic effect against breast cancer cell lines, MDA-MB 231 and MCF-7. The IC50 values for LaPO4 and LaPO4:Tb3+,Ce3+ phosphors are 17.2 and 13.5 µg/mL against MCF-7 and 21.5 and 15.0 µg/mL against MDA-MB 231 cell line, respectively.


Phosphors, Hydrothermal synthesis, Luminescence, Gamma radiations, Cytotoxicity, Lanthanum phosphates, Rare earths, Cerium, Terbium

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