Functionalized surface for electrochemical sensing of electrochemically inactive alkali metal ion


Kumbhat, Sunita ; Singh, Urvasini


The binding of Na+ ion to the ionophore 4-aminobenzo-crown-5 has been monitored by cyclic voltammetry using the redox couple Fe(CN)63-/Fe(CN)64- as a mediator redox probe. The recognition properties of the ionophore covalently bound to 11-MUA self assembled monolayer on gold surface is found to be selective for Na+ ion over Li+ and K+ ions. The self-assembled sensor interface is highly stable, reproducible and shows good sensitivity for detection of Na+ ion. The host-guest recognition of the simple crown ether derivative makes the system highly promising for real-time applications for selective detection of electrochemically inactive alkali metals by electrochemical transducer.



Electrochemical sensors, Sensors, Cyclic voltammetry, Host-guest complexation, Self assembled monolayers, Alkali metals, Sodium


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