Volumetric and acoustic studies of binary liquid mixtures containing diisopropylamine and alcohols at different temperatures

Rani, Seema ; Dubey, Gyan Prakash


The experimental density and speed of sound of pure diisopropylamine, 1-propanol, 2-propanol, 1-butanol, 1-pentanol and their binary mixtures with diisopropylamine as the common component are reported in the temperature range 293.15–313.15 K and at atmospheric pressure. Thermodynamic properties like excess molar volume, excess molar isentropic compressibility, deviation in speed of sound, apparent molar volume, partial molar volume, excess partial molar volume, and excess partial molar volume at infinite dilution have been calculated using the experimental density and speed of sound data for the studied mixtures at varying temperatures. Thermoacoustic parameters like excess intermolecular free-length and excess acoustic impedance have been calculated and analysed in terms of the effects of chain length, position of functional group and temperature on intermolecular interactions. Experimental results for speed of sound have been compared with those calculated using theoretical approaches of Nomoto, Van Dael, Jacobson’s free length theory and Schaaff’s collision factor theory. The calculated excess and deviation properties have been correlated with the composition of the binary mixtures using the Redlich-Kister type polynomial. The Jouyban-Acree model has also been used to correlate the density and speed of sound of all the binary mixtures.
The binary coefficients of the Redlich-Kister polynomial along and Jouyban-Acree model have been estimated using the method of least squares. The correlating ability of both the approaches was tested by calculating the standard deviations. PFP theory was also applied to estimate the excess molar volume of the studied binary mixtures.


Thermodynamic properties, Binary mixtures, Density, Speed of sound, Amines, Alcohols, Excess properties

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