Enhanced photocatalytic activity of mesoporous nano titania decorated with zinc phthalocyanine

Ramacharyulu, Peesapati VRK


Zinc (II) phthalocyanine(Znpc) decorated mesoporous titania (Znpc-TiO2), visible light active nanocatalyst with a specific surface area of 247 m2.g-1 has been synthesized by a hydrothermal method, while undoped TiO2 was UV active. The Znpc-TiO2 degrades one of the highly toxic chemical warfare agents, sulfur mustard (SM), and malchite green dye (MG) photocatalytically in the sunlight with an exposure time of as low as 60 min.


Photocatalysis, Degradation, Dye degradation, Visible light degradation, Detoxification, Nanoparticles, Sulfur mustard, Malchite green, Titania

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