Rapid synthesis of Tb3+-doped gadolinium oxyhydroxide and oxide green phosphors and their biological behaviour


Wani, Saima ; Shivashankar, S.A. ; Majeed, Shafquat


Green phosphors based on terbium doped GdOOH and Gd2O3 powders are prepared through a rapid microwave-assisted solution based method using ethanol as a solvent and without using anysurfactants. The as-prepared Tb3+:GdOOH powders are crystalline and show a flower-like morphology comprising many two-dimensional flake-like structures. The as-prepared powders show good luminescence properties under UV excitation and their conversion to Tb3+:Gd2O3 by annealing takes place at modest temperatures. A considerable increase in luminescence intensity is observed for the annealed powders, which is ascribed to phase change from oxyhydroxide to oxide as well as an increase in crystallinity as a result of annealing. Cytotoxicity studies reveal that the as-prepared powders show considerable toxicity towards the cells, whereas the annealed powders do not hamper the cell growth.



Rare earths, Self-assembly, Nanomaterials, Optical materials, Photoluminescence, Phosphors, Green phosphors, Terbium doping, Gadolinium, Oxyhydroxides, Oxides

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