BODIPY-based fluorescent sensors with tunable binding ability to fluoride and hydrogen sulfate anions

Li, Qian


The binding and sensing abilities of BODIPY based fluorescent sensors 1 and 2 towards various anions have been studied by absorption, emission and 1H NMR titrations spectroscopy. Sensor 1 shows selective response toward fluoride anions through hydrogen bonding interaction, while sensor 2 acts as a highly selective ‘‘Off–On’’ fluorescent sensor for hydrogen sulfate anion in DMSO solvent. The fluorescence response of sensor 2 towards HSO4- may be due to the suppressed PET (photo-induced electron transfer) process induced by the multiple hydrogen bonding interactions between sensor 2 and HSO4-.


Fluorescent sensors, Off-On sensors, BODIPY derivatives, Hydrogen sulfate, Fluoride

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