Synthesis, characterization, luminescence and photocatalytic studies of layered perovskites NaMMgWO6 (M = La, Pr, Sm)

Vithal, M ; K, Sreenu ; Gundeboina, Ravi ; CH, Sudhakar Reddy ; Guje, Ravinder


The synthesis, characterization, optical and photocatalytic studies of AA'BB'X6 type perovskites, NaMMgWO6 (M = La, Pr, Sm), which have an ordering of both the cation sub-lattices, is reported.  The obtained NaMMgWO6 materials have been prepared using ethylene glycol assisted gel-burning method and characterized by X-ray diffraction patterns, UV-vis diffused reflectance spectra, scanning electron microscopy, Fourier transformation infrared spectra, energy dispersive spectra and fluorescence spectra. The photocatalytic dye degradation performance of the as-synthesized perovskites has been evaluated with methylene blue and methyl violet as model water pollutants using radical quenchers.


Perovskites, Layered perovskites, Photocatalytic activity, Photoluminescence, Chromaticity, X-ray diffraction, Band gap energy, Gel burning method

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