Effect of third component on separation behavior of water+t-butanol+Na2SO3/Na2SO4 system at 298±2 K

Jadhav, Vidhya V; Kolekar, Sanjay S; Kumbhar, Rajendra R; Tamhankar, Bhaskar V; Sabale, Sandip R.


The liquid-liquid and liquid-liquid-solid equilibria for the ternary t-butanol-water-Na2SO3/Na2SO4 system is reported at ambient pressure and at 298±2 K. The solubility data of solutions of Na2SO3/Na2SO4 in water, t-butanol and solutions of varying compositions of t-butanol in water are reported. The phase diagrams for the studied systems are developed and salting-out effect of salt anion has been described. The structural properties of aqueous t-butanol solutions and the salting-out effect of SO32- and SO42- ions to cause phase separation have been explained. The salting-out ability of Na2SO3 is higher than that of Na2SO4 since the Gibbs free energy of hydration (ΔGhyd) of SO42-
(−1080 kJ mol-1) is lower than that of SO32- (−1295 kJ mol-1) ion.


Solution chemistry, Phase diagrams, Butanol, Water, Sulphite, Sulphate, Na2SO3, Na2SO4, Salting-out

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