C-S bond cleavage influenced by metal coordination in Zn(II) bound Schiff base complex: synthesis, structural characterization, catecholase and phenoxazinone synthase activities


Ghosh, Rajarshi


A new zinc(II) Schiff base complex (1) has been synthesized and X-ray crystallographically characterized. It crystalizes in P2/c space group with monoclinic crystal system. One C-S bond in a (N,S,O) donor organic ligand has been found to be cleaved on reaction with the zinc(II) perchlorate hexahydrate to yield 1 with new ligand formulation. Complex 1 is found to be both catecholase and phenoxazinone synthase active in MeOH at room temperature. Michaelis-Menten kinetics for each of the activities has been investigated. The turn over numbers for catecholase and phenoxazinone synthase activities are 4.31×102 and 5.27×105 h-1, respectively.



Zinc(II), Schiff base, X-ray structure, Catecholase activity, Phenoxazinone synthase activity

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