Construction of molecular logic gates through a redox and protonation triggered OFF-ON fluorescent probe

Li, Qian


A BODIPY based fluorescent probe 1 for protons and oxidants has been reported. Probe 1 shows weak fluorescence due to the PET process and exhibits OFF-ON fluorescent emission response towards protons (HCl) and oxidants (Cu(ClO4)2) in CH3CN-H2O and CH3CN solution. The suppressed PET process is responsible for the change in fluorescent emission. Further, the OFF-ON fluorescent probe 1 can mimic the Boolean logic operation and work as a molecular OR logic gate with protons and oxidants as stimulus inputs and fluorescent emission at 520 nm as output. The combinations of Cu(ClO4)2 and sodium L-ascorbate can be used to produce a molecular system displaying INHIBIT logic, due to indirect fluorescence quenching.


BODIPY, Molecular logic gates, Molecular machines, Switchable materials, Redox fluorescent probes, Fluorescent probes, OFF-ON probes, Protonation

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