Ultrasonically Promoted Synthesis of N-benzylmorpholine under          Polymer-Supported Phase-Transfer Catalysis Condition – A kinetic study

SATHIYARAJ, MANICKAM ; Venkatesh, Perumal ; Rajendran, Venugopal ; Mohammadiliyas, Mohammadbilal ; Selvaraj, Varathan



In the present study, kinetics of synthesis of N-benzylmorpholine was successfully carried out by morpholine with benzyl bromide using aqueous potassium hydroxide and catalyzed by a newly synthesized polymer supported mono-site phase - transfer catalyst viz.,    Polymer supported N-benzyl-N-ethyl-N-isopropylpropan-2-aminium bromide (PSPTC), under ultrasonic (40 kHZ, 300W) assisted organic solvent condition. The pseudo first-order kinetic equation was applied to describe the overall reaction. Under ultrasound irradiation (40 kHz, 300W) in a batch reactor, it shows that the overall reaction rate can be greatly enhanced with ultrasound irradiation than without ultrasound. Peculiar phenomenon for the dependence of the reaction rate on the amount of PSPTC and ultra sonication are explained satisfactorily.


Phase-transfer catalysis; Polymer-supported phase-transfer catalyst; Ultrasound irradiation; Morpholine; Benzyl Chloride; Solid-liquid reaction; Kinetics.

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