Effect of micelles on hydrolysis of di-2,3-dichloroaniline phosphate

Singh, Ajaya Kumar; Chhetri, Nisha ; Bhoite, Shashikala A.


The effect of anionic surfactant, di-octyl sodium sulphosuccinate (AOT) and nonionic surfactant, polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (Tween-80) on the hydrolysis of di-2,3-dichloroaniline phosphate was studied spectrophotometrically at 303 K. The influence of inorganic salts on the reaction rate was studied. The added salts viz. KCl, KNO3, and K2SO4 accelerated the rate of the reaction in the presence of anionic and nonionic micelles. The role of anionic and non-ionic micelle has been explained by the Menger-Portnoy, and Piszkiewicz models. The binding constant (Ks), rate constant (kψ) in the micellar phase, cooperativity index (n) and various thermodynamic activation parameters viz. ∆Ea, ∆S, ∆H, ∆G etc. have been evaluated. Possible reaction mechanism has been proposed on the basis of the observed kinetic data.


Hydrolysis; Di-2,3-dichloroaniline phosphate; Menger-Portnoy’s; Piszkiewicz’s and Berezin models

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