Interaction of Indenopyridines with [60]-fullerene: A spectroscopic and computational study

Chaudhuri, Tandrima



Heterocyclic polynuclear planar indenopyridines (I1, I3 and I4) revealed superior wrapping of [60]-fullereneand formed stable ground state equilibrium defined via formation of absorption isosbestic and isoemissive as well. All three indenopyridines showed almost similar order of ground state formation constant both in Benesi-Hildebrand and in Stern-Volmer method with[60]-fullerene in toluene medium. DFT based computation warranted the experimental finding in terms of loss of planarity of indenopyridines, FMO features to define electron donor and acceptor, electrochemical indices to affirm the direction of electron swing and finally TD-DFT calculation showed HOMO to (LUMO+2) was most pronounced transition for the strongest binding with I4.


Indenopyridines, Fullerene, Isosbestic formation, DFT, electrochemical indices

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