Prediction of Ksp sequence for some sparingly soluble salts from Kd values of metal ions on some inorganic ion exchangers based on Tin and Silicon- A new approach

Sharma, Surendra Dutt


The distribution coefficients of twelve heavy  metal ions  such as Cu2+, Mn2+, Pb2+, Hg2+ etc.  have been determined on various ion exchange adsorbents based on Silicon and Tin. The materials used are – Stannic arsenosilicate, Stannic tungstosilicate, Stannic molybdosilicate, Stannic phosphorsilicate, Stannic selenosilicate and Stannic antimonysilicate. These double salts possess adsorption ion exchange properties and are found to be selective for one or more metal ions. On the basis of the adsorption behaviour for metal ions, the Ksp sequence of various double salts with heavy metal ions have been predicted.  A number of analytically useful separations including Cu2+-Hg2+, Cu2+-Ni2+, Pb2+-Al3+, Zn2+-Mn2+, Pb2+-Zn2+, Cu2+-Zn2+, Cu2+-Al3+, Cu2+-Mn2+ etc. have also been achieved on these materials by the column chromatographic method.


Ion exchange, adsorbents, Distribution studies, Metal ions, Solubility products

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