Luminescent rhenium(I) complex of azo ligand based on quinoline: Synthesis, characterization and computational investigations

Sinha, Debopam ; Parua, Sankar Prasad; Rajak, Kajal Krishna


Reaction of 7-(quinolin-8-yldiazenyl)quinolin-6-ol HL, [where H represents the dissociable proton upon complexation] based on quinoline with [Re(CO)5Cl] in toluene afforded brown colored product of composition [(Re(CO)3L]. The mononuclear Re(I) complex was characterized unequivocally. Molecular structure of the complex fac-[(Re(CO)3L] was confirmed by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The complex exhibited excellent photoluminescence behavior in solution state. The ground and excited-state geometries and absorption properties of the Re(I), complex was further examined by DFT and TDDFT methods


Mononuclear Re(I) complex, X-ray structure;  photoluminescence; Life time; Computational studies

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