Cordierite honeycomb supported Mo(VI)/ZrO2 for Microwave assisted Pinacol-Pinacolone rearrangement



sarithaserrao, reena ; Shamshuddin, Mohamed sz; D'Souza, Joyce ; Yaseen, Mubarak


ZrO2, Mo(VI)/ZrO2 and Pt-SO42-/ZrO2 supported on honeycomb monoliths were prepared and characterized for their physico-chemical propertiess such as surface acidity, crystallinity, functionality and morphology.  These materials were used as solid acid catalysts in the pinacol rearrangement of benzopinaol via microwave irradiation.  Few diols were also subjected to pinacol rearrangment to obtain high yield of rearrangement products with good selectivity.  Optimization of reaction conditions was also studied to determine most suitalbe for the effective synthesis pinacolone derivatives.  Up to 98% conversion of benzopinacol was achieved under a set of optimised reaction conditions.  A reactivation and reusbility study of zirconia basd solid acids was also taken up.


Pinacol rearrangement, Zirconia, solid acids, Microwave

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