A novel conductometric titration approach for rapid determination of boron

Ananthanarayanan, R


In laboratories dealing with radioactive samples it is important to minimize both the sample size and also the associated waste generated in an analysis. To meet this objective a rapid conductometric titration technique is developed to determine boron in the moderators of Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors (PHWR’s). Using this novel PC interfaced titration facility a minimum tenfold reduction in sample size is achieved compared to conventional conductometric titration. Determination of boron is based on the conversion of extremely weak boric acid to better conducting boron mannitol complex and titrating the complex against NaOH. Various parameters affecting the analysis, when moving from large to small sample size, are analyzed and optimized. The technique is primarily proposed for the assay of boron (≥0.5 ppm) during reactor startup. Each analysis requires less than 10 minutes. The precision obtained at a boron level of 0.5ppm is 4.6 % RSD. The technique is a good alternative to less sensitive carminic acid based spectrophotometric method.


Boron assay; conductivity detector; Carminic acid method; PHWR

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