Study of effect of ultrasonication on benzoylation of cellulose in synthesis of activated carbon for microwave absorbing material

Nath, Ganeswar


The efficiency of all microwaves absorbing material (MAM)/radar absorbing material (RAM) is purely depend on its composition particularly organic material like carbon and oxygen. The most of the bio waste are rich in cellulose which contains carbon as main component. The treatment of each bio waste is a vital step before fabrication of biomaterial for different application. The present work describes the ultrasonic analysis of treatment of benzyl chloride with aqueous cellulose. The variation of ultrasonic velocity and other acoustic parameters like compressibility and intermolecular free length with increasing concentration of benzyl chloride suggest possible intermolecular interactions. The presences of such interactions are well explained in terms of morphological changes in waste bio material like sugarcane bagasse. The presence many reaction sites on the treated sugarcane bagasse makes suitability for synthesis of biomaterial. The SEM of treated sugarcane bagasse gives significance explanation for absorption of incident microwave radiation incident on the bio material prepared from this waste.


Bio waste, sugarcane bagasse, ultrasonic wave, intermolecular interaction, acoustic parameters, microwaves absorbing material

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