Molybdenum complexes bearing pyrimidine-2-thiolato (pymS) and tertiary phosphine ligands

Roknuzzaman, Roknuzzaman ; Khan, Mahadhi Hasan; Abedin, S.M Tareque; Kabir, Shariff Enamul


In this paper we report mono- and dinuclear molybdenum complexes containing doubly bridging pymS and tertiary phosphine ligands PFu3or P(OMe)3. One-pot reaction between [Mo(CO)3(NCMe)3] and pymSH in the presence of tris(2-furyl)phosphine (PFu3) in THF at 50 ˚C gives the previously reported eight coordinate compound [Mo(к2-pymS)4] (1) in 17% yield and two new compounds [Mo(CO)4(PFu3)2] (2) and [Mo2(CO)4(μ-к2-pymS)2(PFu3)2] (3) in 51 and 15% yields, respectively. A similar reaction involving P(OMe)3 furnishes two mononuclear complexes [Mo(κ2-pyS)2(CO)2{P(OMe)3}] (4) and [Mo(CO)4{P(OMe)3}2] (5) in 20 and 35% yields, respectively. Complexes 2 and 4 were characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis in addition to IR,1H NMRand31P{1H} NMR spectroscopic methods.


Molybdenum carbonyls, Pyrimidine-2-thiol (pymSH), Tertiary phosphines, X-ray structures.

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