Flexible modified plastic strips coated polyaniline/ graphene composite for electrochemical biosensors

kumar, Selva ; D N, Sangeetha ; H, Pooja ; Bhandary, Savisha ; Shetty, Yashaswini ; Subashchandrabose, Raghu


Polyaniline (PANI)/Graphene modified flexible, disposable polyester overhead projector (OHP) strips for non-enzymatic detection of ascorbic acid (AA) and uric acid (UA) is demonstrated in the current work. The deposition of PANI on the 3-aminopropyltrimethoxy silane (APTMS) modified OHP were optimized through electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Graphene is coated on another end. The PANI/Graphene coating is confirmed through scanning electron microscopy. UA and AA detection were carried out using the standard electrochemical techniques like cyclic voltammetry (CV) and chronoamperometry. The study reveals that the composite of PANI/Graphene exhibits good sensing towards the detection of UA and AA. During the detection of UA and AA, PANI/Graphene showed enhanced current density with quick response and a linear concentration range of 10 to 300 mM for UA and 30 to 80 mM for AA. These flexible sensor strips may be of great potential in real-time UA and AA detection.


Polyaniline; Graphene; Uric acid; Ascorbic acid

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