Kinetic Modelling and Simulation Studies for the Esterification Process with Amberlyst 16 Resin

MEKALA, MALLAIAH ; Chimmiri, Venkateswarlu


The reaction of methanol with acetic acid in a simple isothermal batch reactor was carried out to produce methyl acetate and water with and without catalyst.  Amberlyst 16 used as the solid resin catalyst. The reaction mixture temperature was adjusted  for 313.15 K - 353.15 K with and without Amberlyst 16. The concentration for catalyst changed from 0.048 mol H+/L - 0.24 mol H+/L based on volume of mixture. The reactant mole ratio for acid to alcohol was varied from 1:1 - 1:4. The influence of catalyst loading, reaction mixture temperature, initial reactant mole ratio, catalyst size, agitation speed on acetic acid conversion has been investigated. An experimental results show that reaction is kinetically controlled when compared to internal and external mass transfer effects. Kinetic rate equation of second order is used to fit experimental data. The reaction rate constants and activation  energies were calculated  from  Arrhenius plot with and without catalyst. This equation can be used in the modelling and simulation of reactive distillation process.


Esterification, Rate equation, Kinetic model, Amberlyst 16, Diffusion

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