Determination of densities, apparent molar volume and apparent molar volume of transfer of some R4NI salt solutions in NMF-DMSO mixtures using magnetic float densitometer and then to study of ionic Interaction at 303.15 K

PATHAK, RAMA NAND ; singh, narendra ; devi, rikkam


Binary solvent mixtures of different (%) compositions have been prepared at 303.15 K using tetra alkyl ammonium iodides (R4NI) of 0.02 M to 0.14 M to investigate inter ionic interaction, ion-ion and ion solvent interactions in NMF-DMSO solvent mixture containing large cations of tetra alkyl ammonium iodides (R4NI). The densities (ρ0) of binary solvent mixtures and salt solutions have been measured by magnetic float densitometer. The apparent molar volume at infinite dilution фv0, in the solvent mixtures, have been utilized to estimate the apparent molar volumes of transfer ∆фv0 (tr), for various tetra alkyl ammonium iodide salts (R4NI) from NMF-DMSO mixtures. The observed trend and variations of dielectric constant and density with different (%) composition of NMF – DMSO provide useful information about the structural interactions.


Binary mixtures, Dimethyl sulfoxide, Density, Ion-ion interaction, Magnetic float densitometer

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